Winter phase tips

The winter phase in our cycle begins with the period. In nature it is represented by the dark/new moon.

Winter is the time in nature when some animals get ready for a long sleep and plants are almost gone. You might feel the need to clean up your space, declutter, get rid of some old clothes. You need a cosy place where you can curl up with a nice cup of tea and perhaps watch a romantic movie. You might feel a bigger need to spend time alone and it can be good for you.

Your intuition is strong and you might get some strong insights. The focus is inward. Winter is the time to get quiet, reflect and make sure you get enough rest, think about your goals and where you want to go. When you make sure to have enough rest, you will be so much more energized in the spring phase and focus your energy in the right direction. Make sure you eat well, you need proper fuel but enjoy a quality chocolate:-)

You can use the cat-cow combination from yoga throughout the whole cycle but they are especially useful during autumn and winter. Inhale to cow, exhale to cat. They can help you ease back, shoulder and neck pain, massage your abdominal organs, stimulate both digestive and reproductive systems – they are used to relieve menstrual cramps.

Cat position yoga Cow position yoga