I wanted to participate to the course because I needed to find that loving circle of women with who to talk, share, grow more firmly into the wisdom of ‘the natural self’. Sona is a power house of a teacher and a human, filled with fresh ideas relating to holistic wellbeing. A big part of female excistence and health is the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and to gain more understanding on this topic is vital to become the female person you really are.

The course gave me more courage and trust to keep on searching in this subject, I also met like minded women who all shared the same curiosity towards the ‘hidden power’ that females have — and how the whole subject of menstruation is such a wonderful natural thing. The course was given in a nice atmosphere; beautiful, calm space. We had lots of time to talk as a group while also going thru the topics of the course and we all felt very relaxed to share our thoughts.

I recommend this to everyone who have even once thought about how important it is to know thyself fully; to be healthy and balanced in all the possible levels. It is also a very empowering experience to share on this subject among like minded women.