Why did you decide to go there? I decided to go to Sona’s course first of all, because I appreciate her as a strong woman and her bright vision to the world. Secondly because I wanted to get in touch with my femininity, and this was the first time, a course about such subject rang true to me. Getting to know your feminin side in feminin ways.

How did you like the atmosphere? The atmospfere was very warm, welcoming and grounded. there were different women from different backgrounds each time I attended, and everytime people were respectful, supportive and open towards each other and to explore themselves deeply through the great excercises offered.

And what did the course give to you? concrete tools, like the moon calendar, to look at myself deeper as a female creature in this time and place. And a safe environment to do so. I was also happy to meet likeminded people, to whom I don’t need to explain myself. I felt strong spiritual connection at the meetings with very natural effort needed. I think Sona is so strongly connected with life that her work will always have powerful impact on people in a very beautiful, human and natural way.

Would you recommend it? I would recommend you to go. it’s a great way to meet yourself and other people.