What was your motivation for coming to the retreat? I wanted to come to the retreat to spend some time away from home with myself in a safe atmosphere and to have a chance to listen to my own body and attend to its needs.

How did you like the overall atmosphere there? I really appreciated Soňa’s (the retreat leader) ability to let ourselves be who we are, and to support every one of us in a subtle and gentle way. The surroundings and all organizing had been planned very carefully and with a lot of thought.

What did you take away from the experience? The weekend was a very fortifying and strengthening experience. It gave me a chance to look inside and see what’s going on. After the retreat I felt much stronger in body and mind, and I trusted and believed in myself, my abilities and my goals more than before the weekend. To go to detail I had support in how to devide my time better so that I can feel better in every day life AND achieve the goals that I aim for. Also, I gained more experience (and knowledge) in how my own body holds answers to many important questions, and how to listen to them better.

Would you recommend it to other women? If yes, what would you tell them? I would definately recommend warmly the retreat to women who want to rediscover or strengthen the connection with themselves and their body, to spend some quality time with oneself and to focus on how to get your own life to look and feel more and more specifically as you want and hope for. This retreat gave not only tools to do so, but also to implement them and to find your own tools within you. I want to emphasize that in my experience this retreat gives you what you want to give to it: it enables for participants to explore these themes, but everyone works for themselves to strive for what ever direction that feels the most important to them. The retreat was amazing.  I feel that retreats and other Feelyourssense activities could provide me invaluable support in my path.