My motivation to come the retreat came sort of out of the blue. I decided in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep that now I’m going to be brave enough to try something new. I also felt that as I was feeling very depressed in the spring I really did not have “anything to loose” even if I had never thought these kind of retreats as my thing. I also thought that I should be trying new things even if it feels uncomfortable to start and that I should bring the focus more into myself and my well-being instead of other people.

I felt very welcome and peaceful since the beginning  even if the group of people were new to me. Big thank you belongs to you as you took the situation under control from the very start and made me feel relaxed and nice. It was also good that you briefed us in the beginning that this retreat is about concentrating in ourselves, nothing more. During the retreat the atmosphere was very relaxing, safe and supportive. I really felt myself good the whole weekend even if some of the exercises were emotional and hard for me. I also like your style to speak supportively. For example you use words like that we are strong and brave women etc. Even if those are quite a little things, those things are almost never said aloud and it feels really good that someone is telling that you are good, strong and brave. Because you tend to forget in life! I also like the idea that women should be supportive and loving against one another instead of competing and comparing and being negative 🙂

I took away a totally peaceful and relaxed feeling. It was actually quite interesting and funny that couple of days after the retreat I felt like I was in some kind of trance/state of mind where I was just thinking how good and calm I felt and that no external thing could disturb that feeling, it was mine. I also learned that I truly have issues with my body image and should work on that. Meditation and yoga were also new to me, so everything we did was new info and experience. I also liked it when you shared your knowledge of natural herbs and their effects on your body. I even picked some poimulehti for tea after the retreat!

I would recommend this for a person who wants to stop for a moment, bring the concentration to herself, give that special time only for herself, spend time with women who are supportive and deeply relax. I have told my experiences to my friends and already couple of people are interested to join the next retreat whenever it is 🙂