Soňa introduced me to woman’s 4 seasons about two years ago and I’ve been tracking my cycle from that perspective ever since. It has helped me a lot, not only physically but actually mostly mentally and professionally.
As women we are often taught to be tough and overachieve constantly, to suppress emotions and overcome “negative” or “weak” moments as if they were preventing us from being our best selves. I used to do that and I used to feel guilty when I couldn’t accomplish things.
I have discovered that by listening to my body and mapping my 4 seasons I can be not only more productive but productive in the right way & what’s more important: I can be happier and feel comfortable, no matter what mood I’m in.

I work as a freelance songwriter and I have started scheduling my work according to my cycle. If possible I prefer starting lots of new ideas and handling bureaucratic stuff when it’s my spring phase. Also, I’m more daring when playing new songs on concerts.
When it’s my summer season, I feel more irresistible 😉 so I prefer networking, having my photos taken and having meetings. And I really profit from improvising and free creative flow in my autumn phase. That’s when I tend to write my most emotional and darker songs. I don’t want to mingle with people all that much anymore but I do perform well and I improvise a lot.
During my winter my creativity drops but I have accepted it 100% and I try to devote that time to reflection and rest. On concerts I have less demanding setlist and I stick to songs I have rehearsed well. I also remember that if I hate a song in my winter phase I might actually like it when my spring begins.

I don’t have to obssess over my schedule being perfectly in sync with my cycle, in fact, I end up choosing activities fitting my current phase anyway. Of course there will always be some necessary routines and demanding tasks that won’t match my seasons but I feel like I can deal with them better nowadays because I can change my attitude and use my current strengths. Acknowledging this “4-season-system” have made me more intuitive & forgiving to myself.

I’m really grateful to Soňa for this tool and for her enthusiastic and loving support. I think she’s onto something special and important when it comes to wellbeing of women (and men). We should listen to her! 🙂