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We are grateful that you share your experiences with our courses, retreats and private sessions. Thank you!

Soňa introduced me to woman’s 4 seasons about two years ago and I’ve been tracking my cycle from that perspective ever since. It has helped me a lot, not only physically but actually mostly mentally and professionally.
As women we are often taught to be tough and overachieve constantly, to suppress emotions and overcome “negative” or “weak” moments as if they were preventing us from being our best selves. I used to do that and I used to feel guilty when I couldn’t accomplish things.
I have discovered that by listening to my body and mapping my 4 seasons I can be not only more productive but productive in the right way & what’s more important: I can be happier and feel comfortable, no matter what mood I’m in.

I work as a freelance songwriter and I have started scheduling my work according to my cycle. If possible I prefer starting lots of new ideas and handling bureaucratic stuff when it’s my spring phase. Also, I’m more daring when playing new songs on concerts.
When it’s my summer season, I feel more irresistible 😉 so I prefer networking, having my photos taken and having meetings. And I really profit from improvising and free creative flow in my autumn phase. That’s when I tend to write my most emotional and darker songs. I don’t want to mingle with people all that much anymore but I do perform well and I improvise a lot.
During my winter my creativity drops but I have accepted it 100% and I try to devote that time to reflection and rest. On concerts I have less demanding setlist and I stick to songs I have rehearsed well. I also remember that if I hate a song in my winter phase I might actually like it when my spring begins.

I don’t have to obssess over my schedule being perfectly in sync with my cycle, in fact, I end up choosing activities fitting my current phase anyway. Of course there will always be some necessary routines and demanding tasks that won’t match my seasons but I feel like I can deal with them better nowadays because I can change my attitude and use my current strengths. Acknowledging this “4-season-system” have made me more intuitive & forgiving to myself.

I’m really grateful to Soňa for this tool and for her enthusiastic and loving support. I think she’s onto something special and important when it comes to wellbeing of women (and men). We should listen to her! 🙂


My motivation to come the retreat came sort of out of the blue. I decided in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep that now I’m going to be brave enough to try something new. I also felt that as I was feeling very depressed in the spring I really did not have “anything to loose” even if I had never thought these kind of retreats as my thing. I also thought that I should be trying new things even if it feels uncomfortable to start and that I should bring the focus more into myself and my well-being instead of other people.

I felt very welcome and peaceful since the beginning  even if the group of people were new to me. Big thank you belongs to you as you took the situation under control from the very start and made me feel relaxed and nice. It was also good that you briefed us in the beginning that this retreat is about concentrating in ourselves, nothing more. During the retreat the atmosphere was very relaxing, safe and supportive. I really felt myself good the whole weekend even if some of the exercises were emotional and hard for me. I also like your style to speak supportively. For example you use words like that we are strong and brave women etc. Even if those are quite a little things, those things are almost never said aloud and it feels really good that someone is telling that you are good, strong and brave. Because you tend to forget in life! I also like the idea that women should be supportive and loving against one another instead of competing and comparing and being negative 🙂

I took away a totally peaceful and relaxed feeling. It was actually quite interesting and funny that couple of days after the retreat I felt like I was in some kind of trance/state of mind where I was just thinking how good and calm I felt and that no external thing could disturb that feeling, it was mine. I also learned that I truly have issues with my body image and should work on that. Meditation and yoga were also new to me, so everything we did was new info and experience. I also liked it when you shared your knowledge of natural herbs and their effects on your body. I even picked some poimulehti for tea after the retreat!

I would recommend this for a person who wants to stop for a moment, bring the concentration to herself, give that special time only for herself, spend time with women who are supportive and deeply relax. I have told my experiences to my friends and already couple of people are interested to join the next retreat whenever it is 🙂


What was your motivation for coming to the retreat? I just wanted to feel the enjoyment of connected with like-minded/spirited beings for a weekend. I also wanted to relax.

How did you like the overall atmosphere there? The overall atmosphere was gentle, inviting and open.

What did you take away from the experience? I took away a feeling of being supported and ‘held’. The group activities really filled me up with love and positivity.

Would you recommend it to other women? If yes, what would you tell them?
Yes I would. It is hard to explain what the weekend was really about. I would just say something like ‘a good way to connect with others (and yourself) in a safe and open and uplifting environment. Sona is a warm, heart-centred facilitator who cares deeply about the well-being of her guests. She is a natural nurturer.’


What was your motivation for coming to the retreat? I wanted to come to the retreat to spend some time away from home with myself in a safe atmosphere and to have a chance to listen to my own body and attend to its needs.

How did you like the overall atmosphere there? I really appreciated Soňa’s (the retreat leader) ability to let ourselves be who we are, and to support every one of us in a subtle and gentle way. The surroundings and all organizing had been planned very carefully and with a lot of thought.

What did you take away from the experience? The weekend was a very fortifying and strengthening experience. It gave me a chance to look inside and see what’s going on. After the retreat I felt much stronger in body and mind, and I trusted and believed in myself, my abilities and my goals more than before the weekend. To go to detail I had support in how to devide my time better so that I can feel better in every day life AND achieve the goals that I aim for. Also, I gained more experience (and knowledge) in how my own body holds answers to many important questions, and how to listen to them better.

Would you recommend it to other women? If yes, what would you tell them? I would definately recommend warmly the retreat to women who want to rediscover or strengthen the connection with themselves and their body, to spend some quality time with oneself and to focus on how to get your own life to look and feel more and more specifically as you want and hope for. This retreat gave not only tools to do so, but also to implement them and to find your own tools within you. I want to emphasize that in my experience this retreat gives you what you want to give to it: it enables for participants to explore these themes, but everyone works for themselves to strive for what ever direction that feels the most important to them. The retreat was amazing.  I feel that retreats and other Feelyourssense activities could provide me invaluable support in my path.


I have been privileged to walk through my first pregnancy with Sona’s friendly and loving care in one to one discussions and in the Pregnancy Power Group meetings. Those moments we shared have made me more confident with my own body’s strength and beauty in creating new life. I am eagerly waiting for the strong experience of the natural birth with all the important information and the tools I got from her. I have no reason to be afraid, I trust my wise body.

Sona is a great coach and a friend who really cares and appreciates the beauty of the femininity in all it’s different aspects. That attitude is a beautiful gift and reminder for other women in this masculine world.


Dear Soňa! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity! The atmosphere at the retreat was so cozy, but exciting, friendly enough, so that I, as a almost stranger didn’t feel alone. I can say that I couldn’t maybe open myself that much as the others did, but because it was so short time to do so. The atmosphere was very intimate, so I could’ve do, if I just had a more time to talk. I enjoyed listening and getting know each other.

It gave me so kind of connection between my feeling and thoughts. And it encouraged me that it’s ok to follow your feeling and you can lead concrete thoughts and actions from your feeling.  I’d recommend it if you need/want to know what your feeling is about and where it will take you. And if you need/want to talk about women’s life and to get support for what you’re struggling with, you’ll get here warm positive energy in various ways.


Soňa is a wonderful person and she’s very passionate about helping others. During our every session I have a feeling that she genuinely wants me to be happy. She uses different techniques to explore how every individual can realise their full potential. Talks with Soňa have helped me understand better what is the unique gift that only I can bring to this world and to stay focused on that. I appreciate Soňa’s understanding of human body and how intertwined it is with mind.
When my back was so sore I couldn’t stand or walk her body candle treatment really helped me.
Soňa inspires people to stay positive and deal with adversities in a healthy way. Thank you for the colour and energy you bring to Finnish autumn!


Why did you decide to go there? I decided to go to Sona’s course first of all, because I appreciate her as a strong woman and her bright vision to the world. Secondly because I wanted to get in touch with my femininity, and this was the first time, a course about such subject rang true to me. Getting to know your feminin side in feminin ways.

How did you like the atmosphere? The atmospfere was very warm, welcoming and grounded. there were different women from different backgrounds each time I attended, and everytime people were respectful, supportive and open towards each other and to explore themselves deeply through the great excercises offered.

And what did the course give to you? concrete tools, like the moon calendar, to look at myself deeper as a female creature in this time and place. And a safe environment to do so. I was also happy to meet likeminded people, to whom I don’t need to explain myself. I felt strong spiritual connection at the meetings with very natural effort needed. I think Sona is so strongly connected with life that her work will always have powerful impact on people in a very beautiful, human and natural way.

Would you recommend it? I would recommend you to go. it’s a great way to meet yourself and other people.


I wanted to participate to the course because I needed to find that loving circle of women with who to talk, share, grow more firmly into the wisdom of ‘the natural self’. Sona is a power house of a teacher and a human, filled with fresh ideas relating to holistic wellbeing. A big part of female excistence and health is the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and to gain more understanding on this topic is vital to become the female person you really are.

The course gave me more courage and trust to keep on searching in this subject, I also met like minded women who all shared the same curiosity towards the ‘hidden power’ that females have — and how the whole subject of menstruation is such a wonderful natural thing. The course was given in a nice atmosphere; beautiful, calm space. We had lots of time to talk as a group while also going thru the topics of the course and we all felt very relaxed to share our thoughts.

I recommend this to everyone who have even once thought about how important it is to know thyself fully; to be healthy and balanced in all the possible levels. It is also a very empowering experience to share on this subject among like minded women.


“I have been priviliged to work with Sona for a while now and it is truly amazing to see the effect of her influence in people around her. She is extremely inspirational, powerful and truly devoted to her subject, always bringing something new to her work. It has been a pleasure to run workshops with her, and to be able to bring in the experience of sound healing, psychology and coaching. I feel that Sona really helps people in finding their real selves, their real inner shine!”

Aino Peltomaa, singer, teacher, coach