These are our core group sessions. They can be arranged in a couple of different formats – workshops, retreats or lectures.

My Body – My Wisdom’s Treasury

Do you feel like you want to:

  • experience more joy in your everyday life?
  • be fully supported and fulfilled by your friendships and relationships?
  • turn your home and family-life into an energising and inspiring safe-haven?
  • spend more time doing things that really make sense, energise and make you truly happy?
  • understand yourself and appreciate your unique “you-ness”?

The answers to all of these questions have an important thing in common… The keeper of the answers is YOUR BODY!

“By reconnecting with our bodies we allow more joy, understanding, love and wisdom to flow into our lives.”


The whole package includes:
– the hidden powers of our menstrual cycle
– keys to more intimacy with your partner and slow sex
intuitive dance session
guided meditation
sound healing
sharing circles
yoga and much more

For those of you still hesitating, we have answers to your most common questions and worries.

Woman’s 4 Seasons
Transformation through Menstruation

Why doesn’t he understand me? Why can’t he simply sense what I need?  Why do I feel so exhausted and not really satisfied and fulfilled although I worked hard all day? Why don’t I feel excited about the things I used to?


Do you every find yourself asking such questions? If the answer is YES, our seminar might just be the right thing for you.

You will learn to:

  • understand your cycle
  • learn well picked yoga asanas to ease your pain or frustration
  • be creative and make your own personal collage to motivate you to reach your goal
  • learn to be successful with affirmations
  • how to simply deal with all kinds of mental and physical roller coasters we experience

The benefits of being conscious about your cycle:

  • less or no pain
  • more creativity
  • more confidence
  • more understanding in relationships
  • more effective in planning my life
  • more happiness

“My body is my instrument, my working tool! I have to understand it well and know how to treat it well so it stays in great shape”

Vision Board Sessions

Vision board making Helsinki

The power of vision board to help you shape your life is in the images and intention. When you glance at your board every day, you connect with the emotions behind the images and the attention automatically goes into things you want to draw into your life. The messaging is almost subliminal, a bit like in advertising. The big difference is that you are in charge of the messages.

It can be hard to find the time for ourselves to explore what we really want. Getting together with others can help us achieve that because there will not be other tasks to distract you like it often happens at home.


  • discussing the theory and various techniques
  • supporting yoga
  • searching for our intention and goals
  • finding the right name
  • creating the collage
  • affirmation