Retreat – answers your questions


  • The place is about 1.5 hours from Helsinki.
  • We can arrange for the transportation if you come on Friday and leave on Sunday.
  • We would be leaving from Helsinki around 5 pm (depending on how early people can get off work).


  • Most people arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday around 16.
  • We feel that one weekend is the minimum for the refreshing effect.
  • This is your chance to have a couple of days just for yourself.


  • All activities at this retreat are voluntary, they are invitations you can try or skip.
  • We completely respect your decision, you pick what you want to participate in.
  • Even if you just sit and watch, it is enough.


  • vegetarian
  • It is also possible to include gluten free and lactose free depending on what restriction you mention in the registration form.
  • Tania who will be our chef for the weekend has lots of experience in making delicious meals for people with different diets.


  • If it feels weird to come and be with women you don’t know, bring a friend.
  • We can promise you will be in a safe and supportive environment, you will not feel alone.

If you don’t find an answer to your specific question, contact us here.