Private sessions


  • Do you need support during your pregnancy?
  • Do you have difficulty getting pregnant?
  • Are you scared by giving birth?
  • Are you finding it hard to balance baby and your relationship?
  • Are you suffering from painful periods?
  • Are you lost and desperately want to reconnect with yourself?
  • Are you struggling with being gentle and kind to yourself and your body?
  • Are you having difficulties with intimate life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we might be a good fit. Based on our session I can offer you concrete tools that you can continue using at home like personal yoga and herbal teas.

I also offer sessions for small groups or couples at discounted rates.

Prices (incl.VAT):
90 euros / 2 hours
60 euros / 1 hour

How it works:
– book a date
– you can outline the problem over the phone
– we work together on your chosen area

Reserve your session: +358 452 056 353

I have been privileged to walk through my first pregnancy with Sona’s friendly and loving care in one to one discussions and in the Pregnancy Power Group meetings. Those moments we shared have made me more confident with my own body’s strength and beauty in creating new life. I am eagerly waiting for the strong experience of the natural birth with all the important information and the tools I got from her. I have no reason to be afraid, I trust my wise body. – Johanna

Group Sessions

We organize workshops, seminars, retreats and meet regularly with other women to share information that has proven transformational for us.

  • how to reconnect with our bodies
  • how to improve the intimate life
  • how to understand your menstrual cycle and improve the quality of your life

We also offer private coaching sessions and various harmonizing techniques.

  • classic massage
  • body tuning
  • body candles
  • scar healing
  • essential sound therapy
  • quantum therapy
  • my body – my wisdom – consulting
  • tarot consulting