My Body – My Wisdom’s Treasury Retreat Program

19:00 – get-together sauna and a small snack

09:00 – breakfast

10:00 – morning program
intuitive dance
something special
13:30 – lunch
15:00 – afternoon program
chatting, sharing, learning about various techniques and tools in a safe environment
TOPICS: intimacy, differences between masculine and feminine perceptions, how we can benefit from them and how we can understand each other better, slow sex, reconnecting with my body through tracking my cycle
17:00 – dinner
18:00 – evening program
short intuitive dance
sound healing – playing with the voice and sound
something special
22:00 – pyjama live concert

09:00 – breakfast
10:00 – morning program
yoga and Tantric Rose (pelvic floor technique)
creating your unique collage to take away
something special
13:30 – lunch
14:30 – afternoon program
final sharing and goodbyes

For those of you interested, there will be an opportunity to have a mini photo shoot with photographer Michaela Kei.