Autumn phase tips

Autumn phase is what you probably know only as PMS, but it is the time before menstruation even if you don’t experience any major difficulties. In nature it is represented by the waning moon. Many of us view this premenstrual phase as pretty painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I have discovered through my own experience that when I pay attention to our cyclical nature, I can use it to my advantage and plan my activities better.

Note: This natural cycle is more clear when women don’t use hormonal contraception, which interferes with the natural processes.

It might be helpful for you to imagine what happens in nature during autumn – nature sheds what it no longer needs, weather changes quickly, we harvest the last fruits. Schools start in autumn as well because historically, field work is over and it’s time to focus on yourself. How can we apply this to our own autumn phase which we experience every month?

Autumn is the time to go deeper, work on yourself, introspection. We are also more sensitive to sounds, smells, tastes, we might experience misunderstanding more often, see imperfection in details everywhere. But we can use these qualities in a different way.

The sensitivity and attention to detail can be used for getting new ideas, getting major progress with our projects. We can support the creativity – knitting, cooking, painting, writing, planting. Ask yourselves: What would be fun to create? If you can, plan projects that are creatively demanding for this autumn phase and skip the networking:-) Be aware that our bodies are slowing down, getting ready to for winter sleep, you might feel more tired and it is important to get enough rest, even if it’s 20 minutes. You’ll be able to finish your awaiting tasks faster and more effectively when you’re rested.